Institute of Wine + Beverage Studies

India’s first internationally-recognised wine and beverage training facility.

Courses developed by Indian-international team of sommeliers and beverage professionals.

Aims at creating professionals of global quality.

Bringing together the global standards of academia, international trends, and skills.

Delivering wholesome education in an Indian context, keeping in mind the needs of the Indian hospitality.

Introduction of IWBS

While there are so many courses at offer, why should you study with IWBS? Why does an 'Indian-made program' make more sense than an international, globally accepted course. Watch and get your queries answered.


Highly paid, to study, travel, eat, speak, taste, gather experiences, share, and be in good company. Never a dull moment.

Ever-evolving profession, smart, intelligent, lets you live through your sense, without slogging for long hours.

Delve into finer living, wholesome study of wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, food, cigars, and all-things-luxury

Paucity of educated professionals in rapidly growing beverage industry

Need for young professionals that are passionate about their products.


Ambitious sommeliers looking to carve a successful career in the burgeoning beverage industry.

Industry professionals wishing to elevate their careers by acquiring deeper knowledge and skills.

Curious novice wishing to simply learn how to appreciate and enjoy the stuff in their glasses better.

Enthusiasts aiming to making more informed choices while purchasing at a shop, bar, or restaurant.


The IWBS motto is – aa-yogya-ha puru-sho na-asti – meaning, there is no person who is not able.

At IWBS, the belief is that we all have what it takes to be the best in our chosen pursuit. We believe everyone can learn wines, spirits, brews, and ferments, and at any age.

We wish to make education fun, frolic, and accessible, while clutching on to a strong professional approach that is globally acknowledged and shapes a professional at par with international experts’ skills.