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#52Drinks52Weeks – Zweigelt

Zweigelt wasn’t always called so. The lovechild between St Laurent and Blaufrankisch, an Austrian red varietal is an interesting one. Sommelier Magandeep SINGH and Gagan SHARMA taste this Austria sweetheart this time. They decode its origins and solve the mystery behind its name, setting it apart from it German counterpart (well, not so much). St Laurent and Blaufrankisch deserve their

Conversations with IWBS - Maria Sabrina Tedeschi

Conversation With IWBS – Maria Sabrina Tedeschi

With almost 400 years of winemaking history, how do you uphold the same legacy?   Tedeschi boasts strong ties with the Valpolicella area that go back almost four centuries. Since 1630 Tedeschi has believed in the considerable potential of its wine production and has reinterpreted it in a modern key,  always striving to create a wine that can best express