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Conversations With IWBS - Udit Maheshwari

Conversations With IWBS – Udit Maheshwari

We got to know and work with Udit in certain projects and it gave us an insight into how his mind works and just how infectious his love for all things gastronomic is. Needless to say a lot of wine bottles were uncorked in the nurturing of this relationship. So here are a few questions answered by Udit in his

#TippleTalk - Wines Value and Worth

#TippleTalk – Wines: Value & Worth

Sometime back, a bottle of German wine sold for an astounding price of €12,000! It was high by all expectations, from previous auction prices to the winemaker’s expectations. And yet, somewhere in this world is a smug Chinese billionaire sitting pretty waiting for this bottle to turn up, one which he will possibly uncork for some very special occasion —