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Angad Soni

Conversation with IWBS – Angad Soni

Angad SONI, the man leading the Sepoy & Co tonic “regiment”, is a young man of old-age refinements. He started off in business (something entirely un-F&B related) and somewhere down the line, the passion for drinks and taste veered him onto this current path. And no matter how rickety the path of pursuing F&B in India, he has always been

Kainaz Contractor

Conversation With IWBS – Kainaz Contractor

Kainaz is a B. Com graduate by education, restaurant manager by training and food writer by profession always wanted to run her own restaurant, ever since she could remember. Her dream of running a restaurant made her decide that she would spend her 20’s learning about all aspects of a restaurant. Her dream has come true in the shape of


Conversations With IWBS – Nitin Tewari

Nitin Tewari aka Mr. BarTrender is undoubtedly India’s favourite mixologist. As one of the leading lights in some of the popular cocktail bars in New Delhi, Nitin has worked with some of India’s most highly recognised bars and restaurants and consulted for setups across the globe. Nitin was also the brain behind the bespoke cocktails at prestigious events like the IIFA


Conversations With IWBS – Priyanka Blah

Priyanka hails from the hill town of Shillong and is the founder of beverage platform Dram Attic, is also in charge of sales of a few international craft spirits brand across MEA, Russia, CIS, the Baltic states, and Iceland.In her time, she has worn many hats. An ex musician, artist manager, music journalist, and content lead for big international brands,

Lalit Rane

Conversation With IWBS – Lalit Rane

Tell us about your journey from Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Hotel Management to becoming a Certified Sommelier? After getting selected in campus, 2010, I had started my career with The Oberoi, Mumbai as an associate for 18 months and then for 1 year as a bartender post that I worked with Marriott moved up the ladder from Food and Beverage

Conversations with IWBS - Laurent Guiraud

Conversations with IWBS – Laurent Guiraud

It’s in the year 2015 that I made my career shift. As Vatel was entering India the university was looking for someone to implement and kick start the programme. I think my name came up as I was French and so was Vatel and my cultural ambivalence acquired over the years spent in India helped me a lot to frame

Conversations with IWBS - Prarrthona Pal Chowdhury

Conversations with IWBS – Prarrthona Pal Chowdhury

Currently the Business Head for India – TWG Tea, the Global Luxury Tea Brand from Singapore. Prior to this I was the Country Manager, Indian Sub-continent for the French Luxury Liquor major Rémy Cointreau. I operate essentially in the Luxury Beverage space. I was inducted into the spirits trade by Pernod Ricard and learnt my wines from Sula Vineyards and

Conversations with IWBS - Team Siqera

Conversations with IWBS – Team Siqera

Siqera is the first craft cidery for the nation and has thus launched the category for others to follow! And it helps that their produce is exceptionally yummy!As team Siqera says, “We won’t bottle what we don’t enjoy!” So here is a brief virtual one-on-one with the trio behind the fermented apple (and mango flavoured) beverages themselves. What inspired you

52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Cabernet Sauvignon

52 Drinks 52 Weeks – Cabernet Sauvignon

The birthday of monarch of red grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon is approaching on the 30th of August. Here are few snippets for all the vino enthusiasts out there The Personality It grows with relative easy in any place moderately warm, it has a thick skin, resistance to disease, modest yields, easy ripening, and lovely luscious wines made this an early crowd

Conversations with IWBS - Ruma Singh

Conversations with IWBS – Ruma Singh

I was a full time journalist working for a national daily before I quit to write about wine, and I now freelance on wine. I have been the first (and only!) woman president of the Bangalore Wine Club. I am currently working to finish my WSET Diploma (COVID permitting). I enjoy visiting wine regions whenever I can – nothing like first hand knowledge –