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The Old Monk Story: Why India’s most famous rum is more than just a spirit

The Old Monk Story: Why India’s most famous rum is more than just a spirit

The year began on a chilly note in the capital, furthered darkened by the sad news of the passing of the man behind the ‘Monk’. Few brands have enjoyed, or shall enjoy, the reverence and loyalty commanded by this brand of local rum. For someone who grew up in India and attended college here, or further still, stayed in a

Japanese Tea and Serving Tradition

Traditional tea ceremony in Japan brings out versatility of this popular beverage

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is more than just a hot cuppa’ shared with friends. It is also not just about the stuff in the cup. Even the way the ceremony is conducted plays an intrinsic part in the fulfilling enjoyment of the process, both for the server and the served. So it is no surprise that there are formal

Impact of Blue Wine

Blue Wine Takes The World By Storm, But Time Will Tell The Impact

RECENTLY, I tried some blue wine, the same blue-coloured wine that has taken western Europe by storm. Vinos of all qualities, shapes and sizes are being swept away by it voluntarily or otherwise. Let’s face it. Everything we’ve known about wine, since Bacchus first taught us how to make it, stands reversed on its head with a wine that is

#52Drinks52Weeks - Bourgogne

#52Drinks52Weeks – Bourgogne

With a maze of appellations, fractured vineyards, score of variable producers, and erratic vintage swings, Bourgogne, or Burgundy, produces wines that enliven the imaginations of sommeliers and connoisseurs worldwide. Getting the right information can be a lifelong chore. Sommelier Magandeep SINGH makes a humble attempt at putting it in a capsule and tastes a 2013 Premier Cru from Bourchard Pere

Conversations by IWBS - Reva K. Singh

Conversations by IWBS – Reva K. Singh

Reva K. Singh has a Master’s degree in English literature from Miranda House, University of Delhi and a certificate in The Business of Publishing from Radcliffe College, Harvard University. Here, told in her own words, is her professional journey. My professional journey originated in my love for books and reading. I started out as a lecturer in English Literature, eventually

#TippleTalk - Corona and the World of Beverages

#TippleTalk – Corona and the World of Beverages

Writing this from the confines of my personal palace but thanks to the internet the world and all its happenings are streamed into it sans delai every minute, every day. Take that away and that’s when the real isolation begins. Here is what I have gathered about how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the drinks industry. Most immediately, bars have to be

#52Drinks52Weeks - Armagnac

#52Drinks52Weeks – Armagnac

Do you know Cognac wasn’t the first French Brandy? Armagnac it was!! Sommelier Magandeep SINGH talks about its history, appellation, parts of its regions, and how its production process makes it a unique spirit in the world of distillates. Watch and learn..

Yangdup Lama

Conversations By IWBS – Yangdup Lama

This week around we sit down with one of the most recognised awarded, experienced and skilful set of hands behind the wood, the one who is behind some of the best bars in India and can be credited with launching the careers of some of the most lauded mixologists today – Yangdup LAMA! He certainly needs no introduction but we

#TippleTalk - India and the Michelin

#TippleTalk – India and the Michelin

Recently, I was privy to a very finely curated meal by the German Sühring Twins who run Bangkok’s top table. The two had been flown down courtesy of Raaj ‘Sanguine’ Sanghvi and they set up camp at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, from where they’d dole out a few very coveted meals (thank you German Tourism for the gracious

Spotlight - Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon - Sula Vineyards

Spotlight – Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon – Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards and Cabernet Sauvignon need no introduction. Put them together and you have potential. This time, Sommelier @gagansaggi discusses the Rasa Reserve Cabernet with their chief winemaker Karan Vasani and learns about the wine, the idea behind it, and tastes it too.