Conversations with IWBS - Anand Virmani

Conversations With IWBS – Anand Virmani

India is the fifth largest Gin producing country in the world. Anand Virmani is the founder of Nao Spirits and India’s first craft London Dry gin, Greater Than. With great passion in the world of beverages, Anand has also been behind Delhi’s famous Perch bar. So, we guess what the F&B world really needed was some out of the box

The Cheese Wheel

The Cheese Wheel

No story of wine will ever be considered complete without a reference to cheese. So intricately linked do the two appear that in most social settings, one is rarely uttered without alluding to the other. And yet, wine and cheese has a lot of myths which are unquestionably accepted when they in fact need to be outright discarded. Let’s try

Conversations with IWBS - Kailash Gurnani

Conversations With IWBS – Kailash Gurnani

York Winery was founded in 2005 with the dream of producing world class Indian wines backed by family values and commitment. India’s biggest family- owned and operated winery, York has established a reputation for producing some of the best Indian wines both in terms of quality and value, and has won numerous accolades since its first vintage in 2008. Kailash started his winemaking

Conversations With IWBS - Rajat Parr

Conversations With IWBS – Rajat Parr

From Calcutta to California, Rajat PARR’s journey into the world of wines is something we can all look up to. Now a Californian winemaker PARR, trained to be a chef at Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal in India. Later, he advanced his culinary skills at the Culinary Institute of America. However, soon he realised kitchen was not

Dressing Tips For A Spiffy Sommelier

Dressing Tips For A Spiffy Sommelier

Dressing for the Part The job or title of a sommelier comes with a big responsibility in the F&B space. It demands of you to not only ensure the best sales but also that the clients feel leaving happily advised and educated rather than gypped or cheated by a person of refinement and good taste. In light of this, and

Conversations by IWBS - Charles Donnadieu

Conversations by IWBS – Charles Donnadieu

In times when full-time on-the-floor sommeliers are growing, they still face a bit of an identity crisis. Usually, it is the Beverage Manager or a server with a keen interest in wines who dons the title. But Charles Donnadieu, the corporate sommelier for The Lalit Group of Hotels, is an exception. Apart from heading the beverage portfolio of twelve major properties

Why Do Sparkling Wines Have Longer Capsules

Why Do Sparkling Wines Have Longer Capsules

Have you ever wondered why Traditional Method-fermented sparkling wines have a loner capsules than their still counterparts? Champagnes, Cavas, Franciacortas, and even some Proseccos, all carry a regal look through them. Today, they exist. Though now it’s merely for look and feel, however, it served a bigger purpose in the past. ORIGINS Traditional Method-fermented wines go through second fermentation within

The virtues of excluding alcohol for January

The virtues of excluding alcohol for January

The virtues of excluding alcohol for the month, and why it’s a lame tried-and-failed recipe. The world of beverages is one that never fails to excite. With the coming new year, people take two directions, either they resolve to try something new or else they decide to abstain from alcohol. Both parties are trying to expand their horizons, one by

Discovering Grappa’s Magic

They call it the ‘Italian firewater’ and regard it as their prized possession. Some call it the son of the waste of wine industry while others regard it as a coveted drink that defines the Italian spirit just right. Sharp, pungent, herbaceous, and highly alcoholic, ‘Grappa’ is not everyone’s cup of tea. The spirit has been around for the Italians

Conversations by IWBS – Kiran Patil

Reveilo, a name synonymous with quality Indian wines, is a story of passion and undeterred commitment to quality. Behind this home-grown brand are the husband-wife duo Yatin and Kiran Patil. It was a life altering decision of quitting their respective corporate lives and returning to their 100-acre ancestral farm in Nashik, Maharashtra. They consciously opted to join the wine industry and cash