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Conversations by IWBS - Charles Donnadieu

Conversations by IWBS – Charles Donnadieu

In times when full-time on-the-floor sommeliers are growing, they still face a bit of an identity crisis. Usually, it is the Beverage Manager or a server with a keen interest in wines who dons the title. But Charles Donnadieu, the corporate sommelier for The Lalit Group of Hotels, is an exception. Apart from heading the beverage portfolio of twelve major properties

#TippleTalk - Why Do Sparkling Wines Have Longer Capsules

#TippleTalk – Why Do Sparkling Wines Have Longer Capsules

Have you ever wondered why Traditional Method-fermented sparkling wines have a loner capsules than their still counterparts? Champagnes, Cavas, Franciacortas, and even some Proseccos, all carry a regal look through them. Today, they exist. Though now it’s merely for look and feel, however, it served a bigger purpose in the past. ORIGINS Traditional Method-fermented wines go through second fermentation within

#TippleTalk -The virtues of excluding alcohol for January

#TippleTalk -The virtues of excluding alcohol for January

The virtues of excluding alcohol for the month, and why it’s a lame tried-and-failed recipe. The world of beverages is one that never fails to excite. With the coming new year, people take two directions, either they resolve to try something new or else they decide to abstain from alcohol. Both parties are trying to expand their horizons, one by

Discovering Grappa's Magic

Discovering Grappa’s Magic

They call it the ‘Italian firewater’ and regard it as their prized possession. Some call it the son of the waste of wine industry while others regard it as a coveted drink that defines the Italian spirit just right. Sharp, pungent, herbaceous, and highly alcoholic, ‘Grappa’ is not everyone’s cup of tea. The spirit has been around for the Italians

#52Drinks52Weeks - Tequila

#52Drinks52Weeks – Tequila

Team IWBS’s Sommeliers Gagan SHARMA and Magandeep SINGH take on the much-misunderstood drink – Tequila. Here, they talk about its origins, why it’s called so, the various shades of it, and taste four variants of the El Tequileno Tequila. The drinks has been around since 200AD, and became a formal beverage in Mexico in 1519 by the Spaniards. Come 1930s

Conversations with IWBS - Kiran Patil

Conversations with IWBS – Kiran Patil

Reveilo, a name synonymous with quality Indian wines, is a story of passion and undeterred commitment to quality. Behind this ho me-grown brand are the husband-wife duo Yatin and Kiran Patil. It was a life altering decision of quitting their respective corporate lives and returning to their 100-acre ancestral farm in Nashik, Maharashtra. They consciously opted to join the wine industry and

#Tippletalk - Citrus in Cocktails

#Tippletalk – Citrus in Cocktails

Citrus is one of the most essential ingredients for any cocktail. In one form of another, a mixologist (or bartender, frankly its semantics) needs to introduce acidity (sourness by another name) in one form and another (vinegar, Balsamic, Kokum) and citrus fruits are a good and abundant source.  The fruit used to be a sailing essential on long voyages, ensuring

Drinking etiquettes for a soirée

The Right Spirit: Drinking etiquettes for a soirée

I have approached this subject many times before, but rarely have I expounded on it with the broad base of drinks in general as the target. It’s usually wine-centric or malt-centric, how to pair and how not to douse in water, and so on. But not just these two, every drink requires a certain civil approach, an unspoken and unwritten

#52Drinks52Weeks - Feni

#52Drinks52Weeks – Feni

The Goan prestige, and the Indian pride, Feni, is being seen growingly on the tables, both in India and abroad. Portuguese have a lot to thank for its creation. Feni is a distilled spirit made from cashews and coconuts. Sommelier Magandeep SINGH shares its production process, with Neero, Urrack, Cazulo, and more. We share the three variants of the Cazulo

Conversations with IWBS - Nitin Vishwas

Conversations with IWBS – Nitin Vishwas

A Mechanical Engineering + MBA degree and a 15 years stint with the likes of L&T, McKinsey, and Abbott kept a shy connection for Nitin VISHWAS, with the hospitality industry. He and his pal, Rohan REHANI, had very little idea that they’ll were destined to make India fall in love with the age-old beverage, MEAD. Today, the duo runs the