#Tippletalk – Citrus in Cocktails

Citrus is one of the most essential ingredients for any cocktail. In one form of another, a mixologist (or bartender, frankly its semantics) needs to introduce acidity (sourness by another name) in one form and another (vinegar, Balsamic, Kokum) and citrus fruits are a good and abundant source.  The fruit used to be a sailing essential on long voyages, ensuring

The Right Spirit: Drinking etiquettes before attending or hosting a soirée

I have approached this subject many times before, but rarely have I expounded on it with the broad base of drinks in general as the target. It’s usually wine-centric or malt-centric, how to pair and how not to douse in water, and so on. But not just these two, every drink requires a certain civil approach, an unspoken and unwritten

Conversations by IWBS – Nitin Vishwas of Moonshine Meadery

A Mechanical Engineering + MBA degree and a 15 years stint with the likes of L&T, McKinsey, and Abbott kept a shy connection for Nitin VISHWAS, with the hospitality industry. He and his pal, Rohan REHANI, had very little idea that they’ll were destined to make India fall in love with the age-old beverage, MEAD. Today, the duo runs the

Chronicles of Rum and Coke

Rum and coke is often regarded as the lazy man’s cocktail and is one of the most consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. Commonly known as Cuba Libre, this mix of rum, cola and a squeeze of lime has a little story attached to it.  Origins A unique style of Cuba Libre existed before the combination of rum and cola

Five Basic Caveats While Pairing Indian Food and Wine

The way one eats Indian food can also influence the pairing. The ideal way is to eat everything with either rice or some sort of bread. The thing about pairing food and wine is that it’s a highly subjective exercise. Any such endeavour is liable to yield as many opinions as there are people present in a room. And when

Tokay – Nectar Of Gods

It is truly the nectar of Gods. Louis XV said of this sweet wine ‘Vinum Regum et Rex Vinorum’, meaning ‘the wine of kings and the king of wines’. In reverence of its cultural prominence, it even finds mention in the national anthem. Such is the stature of these Hungarian wines of Tokaj Hegyalja. By a royal decree in 1737,

Why International Certifications Do Not Work in India?

Education is the foundation on which the future is built – I have always believed in this basic tenet. Education imbues humility, teaches skills and inculcates values that go a long way in shaping not just careers but also lives. We have been in the field of academia for over a decade (almost two for me personally) and a lot

Conversations By IWBS – Rohan Jelkie Of Beam Suntory

Rohan Jelkie is regarded as one of the top beverage professionals in the country. Jelkie, known for his knowledge in spirits and humble nature, started working in Mumbai after graduating from hotel school and later shifted to Delhi. In the past decade and a half, Jelkie has worked in the hospitality and alcobev industries, with major time being spent in

Relevance Of Biodynamic Viticulture

In the age of commercial winemaking, producers have started realising the impact of this practice on the environment. Steps in a new belief – Biodynamic viticulture. It is creating an impression all over world for its environment-friendly and sustainable practices. Considered a major step towards conservation, Biodynamic viticulture has some ritualistic beliefs yet some scientific applications. Sommelier Magandeep SINGH reports