Sherry – An Idea Who’s Time Has Come

Gagan Sharma visits the Sherry Triangle and gives us the lowdown on a great wine style that deserves far more love than it gets Sherry is amongst the most versatile and unique wine styles on the planet and has been seriously undervalued. Sherries are truly natural wines, requiring no human touch to enhance their goodness. Thus, one finds many famous

Conversations By IWBS – Karina Aggarwal of Gigglewater411

A top beverage expert, Karina Aggarwal, or “Gigglewater”, as she is affably known, is the lady behind one of India’s first and foremost alcohol appreciation portals Apart from conducting various events and sessions to train and educate both consumers and the service teams of various national F&B establishments, she often judges at various international wine and spirits competitions. Most

TippleTalk – Beer, The Cradle Of Civilisation

Beer is more than just the most widely consumed and oldest man-made beverage. It wasn’t even created for leisurely consumption. Rather, its existence was sorted to play an important role in the day-to-day lives. From religion to medicine, beers have influenced the early cultures globally and have changed the way our societies work today. What was once treated akin to

Bloody Mary – A Classic Cocktail

What created in a spur of a moment as a simple vodka and tomato juice combination in early 1920s became the famous cocktail called Bloody Mary. French Bartender Fernand Petiot invented Bloody Mary in Paris’ famous bar called Harry’s New York bar. Other famous origins from this bar were Sidecar and White lady. Harry’s bar was also a frequent hangout

Austrian Golden Nectar – Neuburger Beerenauslese

Austria has a long history of making distinctive fine wines. More than 60 million years ago wild vines were already existed across Austria, and wines were produced by the Celts even before the Romans. Austria was the third largest producer of wine globally in the 1920s, mainly producing and exporting simple light white wines.  BEERENAUSLESE Beerenauslese (pronounced Bear-en-ows-lay-zuh) literally translates

Australian Diaries

“Wine is sunlight captured by water”, Galileo once rightly said. Fundamentally, this is what wine is – what nature gives and the earth captures to produce, only requiring little assistance from mankind, and at times not even that. Here’s a country that has all of that, abundance of bright sunlight and ample water to capture. It combines the two to

The Great Indian Red Reserve Wines Report

For the first time in India a tasting was put together of the reserve reds produced by the Indian winemakers. While it can be hard (almost impossible) to define what exactly constitutes a ‘Reserve’ wine in a country where even the appellations aren’t clearly defined, it can be safely assumed that any wine touted as a reserve should have a

Indian Wine Imports Explained: Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka

Importing wine into India sounds like a lucrative business proposition. But if that is really the case, why have some companies shut down and so many others are struggling to stay afloat? Without further ado, here is a step-by-step explanation of the various stages of duties, taxes, and other levies that an importer has to pay in order to get

KRSMA – The New Charismatic Indian Offering

The setting was a plane in Europe. There was an Indian gentleman sitting on it. He leaned over, handed a slip with a word of two scribbled on it to a neighbouring traveller and politely asked, “How would you pronounce this word? Is it easy for you to pronounce?” People, flabbergasted as they might have been by this, didn’t once

Good Earth Winery’s New Offerings

With growing number of wine drinkers, India has already started creating impact on wine world. The desi winemaking-fever has stuck winemakers from across the world and has got them in the groove to introduce their wine to this ever-dynamic market. And at this no one wants to stay behind. It’s simple, make wines which are timeless, enjoyable yet simple and