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Conversations With IWBS - Anushka Pandkar

Conversations With IWBS – Anushka Pandkar

Anushka PANDKAR, winner of the 12th Indian Sommelier Championship is currently working with ITC Maratha, one of the leading five star hotel in the country. Trained under different industry experts, Anushka has refined her skills in every aspect of the beverage industry. For this week’s segment, team IWBS sat down with her (online, because, social distancing) and here’s what she

#TippleTalk - Potency of Our Potions

#TippleTalk – Potency of Our Potions

If I had a penny for every time people have involuntarily shared with me how they get more drunk on tequila than say a single malt, then all the mints in the U.S. of A wouldn’t be able to cut pennies quick enough to keep me compensated. Here are some facts about alcohol and potency: Alcohol by volume No matter

Art of Food and Wine Pairing

Art of Food and Wine Pairing

I don’t know who or when decided that we need someone to tell us what to drink with our meal, but that was pretty much the first sommelier on the planet. Since then, sommeliers have crowded the F&B space, dictating this, decreeing that, some matches being proclaimed heavenly, while others being snubbed. Now, here’s the truth: yes, there is an

The Perfect Cocktail

The Perfect Cocktail

The terms ‘cocktail’ has never quite enjoyed the same limelight as, say, ‘on the rocks’ or ‘single malt’. In fact, people often liken cocktails to reheated food or yesterday’s leftovers. For many, it’s just a way to dispense off alcohol that might be too cheap to be allowed to impart any taste to the final mix. Others drink them because

A Sweet Tipple

A Sweet Tipple

If there is a devotion Indians show as much as they do to God, cricket, politics, and movies, it’s to all things sweets. In fact, if you’re a true Indian, somewhere in the country or even away, you may even skip a visit to a temple, mosque, or a church but will definitely have a dose of sugar in one

#52Drinks52Weeks - Tonic Water

#52Drinks52Weeks – Tonic Water

With Peru, Spain, France, Holland, Britain, Indonesia, India, and Africa contributing to perfecting the beverage over a span of over 500 years, Tonic Water has come a long way. From being a global medicinal drink to that of choice of the British Raj in India, tonic water was once as precious as gold. Sommelier Magandeep SINGH and Gagan SHARMA share

Conversations with IWBS - Vishal Kadakia

Conversations With IWBS – Vishal Kadakia

Vishal KADAKIA started his wine import business as a wine enthusiast first, a philosophy which has guided him in his journey and defining the types of wines he wishes to bring to India. Today, Wine Park is among the nation’s most respected of import houses and it’s only growing stronger. His passion has helped launch many careers and we have

#TippleTalk - Art of Blending

#TippleTalk – The Art of Blending

The world of wines would be very monotonous if it weren’t for the fact that no two wines are ever alike. Different grapes yield forth a diverse array of wines and the same grape planted in different soils will exhibit differences in character. Even the same wine from the same winemaker will change from one year to another. With all

The Old Monk Story

The Old Monk Story

The year began on a chilly note in the capital, furthered darkened by the sad news of the passing of the man behind the ‘Monk’. Few brands have enjoyed, or shall enjoy, the reverence and loyalty commanded by this brand of local rum. For someone who grew up in India and attended college here, or further still, stayed in a

Japanese Tea and Service Tradition

Japanese Tea – Culture + Versatility

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is more than just a hot cuppa’ shared with friends. It is also not just about the stuff in the cup. Even the way the ceremony is conducted plays an intrinsic part in the fulfilling enjoyment of the process, both for the server and the served. So it is no surprise that there are formal