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Conversations with IWBS - Radhika Khandelwal

Conversations with IWBS – Radhika Khandelwal

Chef Radhika started her career in Melbourne. After coming back to Delhi she started Ivy & Bean, where they (she and her partner) did Modern Australian food. But back in Melbourne the emphasis on local and seasonal produce really resonated with her and inspired her to open Fig & Maple.  Here is her journey in her own words.“I’m not going

#52Drinks52Weeks - Cachaca

#52Drinks52Weeks – Cachaca

Did you know Sugarcane distillates existed in 500BC? Do you know their first evidence was found in Taxila, which was then a part of India? Safe to say, what we know of Cachaca today, is amongst the world’s first spirits!! Brazil’s most popular spirit is a rockstar, so lets talk about it. THE BEGINNING The story begins in the 7th

Conversation with IWBS - Chef Ravish Bhavnani

Conversations with IWBS – Ravish Bhavnani

I did my bachelors in hospitality from Ihm Bhopal, moved to Melbourne in 2006, worked at a high end banquet for two years, moved on to do my first Ala Carte gig thereafter opened a cafe with chef Radhika Khandelwal in Melbourne in 2010. We ran that for 3 years before moving back to New Delhi in 2013 opened Ivy

#52Drinks52Weeks - Martini

#52Drinks52Weeks – Martini

Welcome to 52d2w. World Gin Day has gone by and Martini Day is next, so it’s only fair we talk about Martini… Lore has it that during the Gold Rush in a town called Martinez in California, a gold miner who had just made his fortunes, wanted champagne. The bartender, not having any at hand, instead offered to fix him

Conversations with IWBS - Cav. Subhash Arora

Conversations with IWBS – Cavalier Subhash Arora

I have been earlier a teetotaler, despite spending a year in Germany and over 5 years in the US where I did my MSc. and MBA and worked. Once I started drinking wine as an alcohol-based lifestyle drink in India I did a lot of self-study for over the following 10 years, visited vineyards, read books (no internet then) and

52Drinks52Weeks Cider

#52Drinks52Weeks – Cider

It was the one drink that almost every civilisation managed to develop independent of each other. Having just one of it in its natural avatar can keep the doctors away so imagine its fermented appeal. We are on about Cider! There’s no clear evidence of where it originated from but the ancestors of apple hailed from China and made their way

Conversations with IWBS - Thomas William Hartman

Conversations with IWBS – Thomas William Hartman

At first glance the lean and rather sporty frame of Thomas belies his beer credentials; one’d expect a brewer to be less, sinewy! But a few minutes into the conversation and one soon begins to understand the vast expanse of knowledge that Mr. Hartman is and the richness of the experience he brings to the beer table. Bira91‘s head brewer

#52Weeks52Drinks - Kombuca

#52Drinks52Weeks – Kombucha

The ‘hipster’ home-brewed probiotic tea drink, Kombucha, is what we are exploring this time. It is sexy, healthy, curative, and gastronomic too. Kombucha is a fermented and sweetened tea often made with black or green tea. It is largely classified as a functional beverage, meaning that it is a non-alcoholic drink that contains vitamins, amino acids or other nutrients associated with health benefits. The process of

#52Drinks52Weeks - Roohafza

#52Drinks52Weeks – Roohafza

If there’s one drink that has been keeping us, our parents, their parents, their parents, and even the British nostalgic, it has to be Roohafza. Be it drinking it at at your grandparent’s place, with chilled water and a squeeze of lemon, or serving it at Gurupurab, it has been a family and social drink. HUMBLE ORIGINS Roohafza started in

Conversations with IWBS - Harish Acharekar

Conversations with IWBS – Harish Acharekar

Harish Acharekar ‘Winner ‘ of the 8th Indian Sommelier Championship, 2015 is currently the trade ambassador for Bacardi India. He is amongst the first sommeliers of the country certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers. With over a decade of work experience under his belt, Harish has worked as the General Manager at The Table Restaurant, Marketing Manager for Brindco