Alpine Wineries- Impending Star of Southern India

In order to flex their oh-so valuable vino palates, Wi-Not members tasted some worthy wines from the south of the country. Apart from wine regions in the western belt, of which Nashik undoubtedly is at the fore front, there are some regions, blessed with an exceptional terroir in the southern parts too. Wineries situated in this belt are leaving no

Pillitteri Icewines For Christmas

If a wine aficionado thinks of Canada the first thing it strikes thou is the liquid gold of Icewine ( treasures the country possesses. It’s not where it originally hailed from but surely did take a dual citizenship there later. Icewines are a treat for those who like pampering their sweet-tooth in style. The luscious golden sticky liquid tinkling at the curve of the

A Spanish New Year

Did you know that in Spain, children don’t traditionally receive gifts on Xmas Eve but on the day of the Epiphany, i.e. the 5th of January? Did you also know that it isn’t Santa Claus but the Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos) who bring these gifts? Given that there were three of these oriental kings, who originally brought gifts for

The Budding Gems At ISC 2011

The time of the year when the Armageddon calls all the hotels and restaurants to bring out their best armor to battle it out for the throne of the best wine-quotient in the business. Indian Sommelier Championship continues its legacy for the fourth year and makes it the best of the lot so far. With over a month long preparations, applications enrollments,

Chateaunuef-du-Pape Makes A Statement

To speak of the wines of the Rhone valley almost, to many a novice, seems to be a discussion of the wines of Southern Rhone, and more precisely, the wines of the region baptised Chateauneuf-du-Pape (CNDP). The recent masterclass in Delhi heralded a new beginning for these wines. We thought we knew something about them but soon enough we realised that there is

Valduero Comes To India

A lovely little Spanish house recently brought their wines to India and presented the impressive array to a few enthusiasts. The wines were fantastic, coming from regions as diverse as Rioja and Toro, and of course their flagship, the Ribera del Duero. We stumbled upon Valduero when Magan was visiting a winery in Jordan and the owner, seeing Magan’s obviously positive response to

Wine Society of India’s New Offering

The Wine Society of India (WSI) sends out some pretty fun mixed boxes of wines. We decided to play inspector and see just how good is good so recently, we intercepted one such box, hijacked it at gunpoint, brought it home, and then made it reveal whatever it was hiding. The wines were released back to WSI once they paid

Thelema: The Will of God

Thelema is Greek for “God of Will” and this is pretty much what must have helped the Webbs install their wine dreams on their new farm (which used ot be an orchard earlier), back in the early 1980s. And that, by the way, is a Phoenix on their logo, not a duck or eagle or any other aviary apparition. Today, the

Welcoming Framingham Wines to India

New Zealand wines are already well known and this time around it was the turn of Sogrape to bring in the popular Framingham range to India. Sogrape was founded in 1942 by Fernando van Zeller Guedes, a very determined entrepreneur. Presently, the third generation of the founding family is handling the company which has over 1200 acres across Chile, Argentina, Portugal, and New

The Royal Wi-Not Tasting

Simranjit Singh holding court When we christened our little wine endeavour Wi-Not, we did so with the idea of being ready to take on new challenges head-on. In a country where wine was only beginning to become famous, there would be many such “new” tasks to tackle. But even then, we had never anticipated that one fine day we would