The Wine Sceptre

Behold ye of the drinking classes…Bow to My Mightyyyy Sceptre!!! The last time I read of the word sceptre, I think it was referenced in a Tintin comic. So rare today is this bejewelled accessory of yore that even the mentions are jaded. And then, when Ashish Bhasin, a vibrant young entrepreneur and inventor of all things-useful-yet-at-first-bizarre, handed me one,

Evan & Tate Comes To India

Grammatically and phonetically this name has caused enough internal debate. Arguments were presented as to whether it is pronounced “Evans” or “Ivaans”, to which the reply from the winery came, “Depends how posh you are; but Evans is fine.” I could further try and split hairs for the sake of argument, and agreement of numbers, shouldn’t it be that Evan &

Sweet Drops

Among the many perky advantages of working at Wi-Not the only one singular one that boys voluntary turn up for and on time are the tastings. A regular affair on our work calendar, we all congregate and taste, mostly blind, an array of wines that we have managed to get our hands on. These can be wines that people have sent us

Tbilvino Wines; Altering Indian Palates!!

The slowly growing importance of Georgian wines on the global wine scene is a surprise not just to us Indians. And why wouldn’t it be so? India has awakened to wines only recently and the world is also still only distantly flirting with Georgian produce. But Georgia is no newbie. In fact, it is one of among the first to

Villa d’O

Lovely boutique style new french Manor-house property, Villa d’O, in the heart of the wine region of Bordeaux Right Bank (think St. Emilion, think Merlot and Cabernet Franc, think hilly terrain with small patchy vineyards, think super-expensive!). This changes the game plan, shaking up the classic with a generous dose of the kitsch and contemporary. Each room is done up differently

German Riesling Masterclass

One country that never disappoints its vinous followers with its great wines is Germany. This cold-stuck country produces one of the finest, and surely the best, Rieslings in the EU. Sommelier India Wine magazine along with the German Embassy in Delhi hosted a showcase of 16 of the most discerning Rieslings from the country. German Ambassador to India, Mr. Thomas Matussek, loves the

Sula Vineyard’s Riesling

[youtube][/youtube] India’s biggest wine brand, Sula Vineyards, rolls out it’s first Riesling.

Valduero: Ribera Del Duero

Rioja is famous but then so are the regions of Priorat, Toro, and of course, Ribera Del Duero. This time around, I managed to take the convenient 2-hour bus-ride from Madrid to Aranda de Duero, the regions non-political capital, also famous for its ancient labyrinthine underground tunnels which are used even today to store wines.I didn’t get around seeing them but

Bouvet Ladubay: Emerging Bubbly

The French Loire Valley, aka the valley of Kings, has been the land of origin of great wines. Robust Chinons, sweet Muscadets, dry whites of Saumur and Pouilly Fumé, and the rosés of Anjou that the world adores. But what puts envy in the hearts of many are their crisp, refreshing, minerally sparkling wines. Bouvet Ladubay, one of the oldest houses, and definitely the much celebrated one, marked its

Lamplighter Wines Tasting

California For the ease of understanding we divide the wine world into old-worlds and the new worlds. Old world wine countries are the more experienced countries producing wines for centuries now, namely France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the likes. On the flipside, new-worlds are the younger breed of producers. The leader in the latter family is California. No doubts there!! Known