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#TippleTalk - Hospitality and The Corona Effect

#TippleTalk – Hospitality and The Corona Effect

Today, it would be pure speculation to try and evaluate just how the hospitality industry will fare in the wake of the Corona virus. No matter how many webinars we attend or however many industry experts weigh in, the eventual truth remains that none of us will know how to react to the situation till we are in a position

52 Drinks 52 Weeks Old Monk

#52Drinks52Weeks – Old Monk

This is going to be the only video you’ll ever need to watch to learn it all about the Unofficial National Drink of India – Old Monk Not many drinks in India have a legacy going back to the British Raj. The story begins in the 1830s when two Englishmen started India’s first few breweries – Edward Dyer and H.

Conversations With IWBS - Pankaj Balachandran

Conversations With IWBS – Pankaj Balachandran

Sommelier, hotelier, restaurateur, and entrepreneur are all professions that can be linked with Pankaj Balachandran. But really, he is a salesman at heart. Pankaj has come outside the hotel world to play a dual role of running an entrepreneurial venture and a new stand- alone cocktail bar called Hoots’. He offers a range of consulting services, promising upgrading the industry

#TippleTalk- remuage

#TippleTalk – Remauge

Imagine yourself in the 1600s. Shahjahan has just completed CONSTRUCTING the magnificent Taj Mahal. Doesn’t that call for a toast? What’s better to pop open than a bottle of bubbly. But, here’s a problem. It’ll be cloudy, rustic, murky, and full of sediments? How’d you make it look like the modern day bubbly then? Would you appreciate if your glass

What's Happening at Indian Wineries During Lockdown?

Indian Wineries Under COVID-19 Lockdown

Early in the first week of March, Team IWBS visited India’s wine epicentre, the Nashik Valley in Maharashtra. And what a fantastic experience it was! While for Sahil MISRA it was his first taste of the wine capital of the country, Gagan SHARMA had the experiences of 2009 and 2014 to draw comparisons from (more on that later). But just

#52Drinks52Weeks - Malbec

#52Drinks52Weeks – Malbec

With foggy origins, somewhere between Bordeaux and Bourgogne, Malbec hasn’t had the best of starts in France. After losing its spot in Bordeaux it moved to Cahors, and Loire, before it backpacked to Argentina and finally found its true home. Now, it is a national symbol there and a every 17th April is celebrated as the World Malbec Day. Sommelier

Conversations With IWBS - Anushka Pandkar

Conversations With IWBS – Anushka Pandkar

Anushka PANDKAR, winner of the 12th Indian Sommelier Championship is currently working with ITC Maratha, one of the leading five star hotel in the country. Trained under different industry experts, Anushka has refined her skills in every aspect of the beverage industry. For this week’s segment, team IWBS sat down with her (online, because, social distancing) and here’s what she

#TippleTalk - Potency of Our Potions

#TippleTalk – Potency of Our Potions

If I had a penny for every time people have involuntarily shared with me how they get more drunk on tequila than say a single malt, then all the mints in the U.S. of A wouldn’t be able to cut pennies quick enough to keep me compensated. Here are some facts about alcohol and potency: Alcohol by volume No matter

Art of Food and Wine Pairing

Art of Food and Wine Pairing

I don’t know who or when decided that we need someone to tell us what to drink with our meal, but that was pretty much the first sommelier on the planet. Since then, sommeliers have crowded the F&B space, dictating this, decreeing that, some matches being proclaimed heavenly, while others being snubbed. Now, here’s the truth: yes, there is an

The Perfect Cocktail

The Perfect Cocktail

The terms ‘cocktail’ has never quite enjoyed the same limelight as, say, ‘on the rocks’ or ‘single malt’. In fact, people often liken cocktails to reheated food or yesterday’s leftovers. For many, it’s just a way to dispense off alcohol that might be too cheap to be allowed to impart any taste to the final mix. Others drink them because