Kati Patang

Launched in Oct 2018, Kati Patang is one of the latest additions to India’s booming craft beer scene. Started by Lata & Shantanu Upadhyay, Kati Patang was born out of a strong urge to break the shackles & carve an honest expression of freedom from commercial beers, true to the real craft movement.

Aiming to curate a global lifestyle beer brand rooted in India, Kati Patang celebrates the creative alter ego within each one of us; an invitation for an opportunity to give in to our uninhibited selves & be who we really are. Targeting the urban millennial as well as the discerning beer connoisseur, the brand has succeeded in carving its own niche & fan base in a very short time. Having been voted as LBB’s Top 50 Emerging Brands in Jan 2020, one of their key goals is nurturing the Founders Club: a community of like-minded individuals who live the m(alt) life in pursuit of their passions & value authenticity over everything else.

Currently pouring in Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru, Kati Patang has focused on a balanced mix of millennial hotspots, fine-dine restaurants & luxury hotels to cater to the growing demand for craft beer. Breaking the mould, the brand has experienced a great response across retail outlets & bars for their unconventional take on traditional beer styles, much like their journey so far.

Brewing with a focus on sustainability, their beer styles are distinctive & a whiff of fresh air in the bottled beer segment. The Zesty Amber, currently the only bottled Amber Ale available in the market, is a perfect balance of intensely complex flavours with a wonderfully smooth caramel finish while the Snappy Wheat combines the twist of lemon zest with the subtle finish of organic Indian spices to deliver an arresting punch.

Tasting Notes

Zesty Amber

This amber-gold beauty is brewed with all-natural malts and aromatic hops. The result is a perfect balance of intensely complex flavours with a wonderfully smooth caramel finish.

  • Base malt blended with specialty darker varieties (Crystal, Black)
  • Strong, definitive whiff of Cascade (Hops)….with a kiss of a couple of bittering hops (Warrior)

Aroma: Alcohol notes are mild when cold but the notes get much stronger once a little warm. The malts used in the beer are the backbone of the nose with hints of toffee and caramel. The hops used give out a piney, woody, earthy nose with some citric hints. On the nose the beer leans more towards the malty side.

Body: The beer has a coppery red tinge to it. The body of the beer is pretty clear.

Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation, the balance between Malt and Hops comes in at a perfect balance along with a slight alcohol warmth to the palate. The beer runs down thin to medium.

Taste: The malts used are prominent on the nose with hints of toffee and caramel. The hops give out a woody, earthy aroma with citric hints. On the palate, the malt profile dominates but balances out with the citric notes from the hops. The caramel/toffee malt combination lingers around with restrained bitterness from the hops.

Snappy Wheat

This fresh, golden hued delight is abrim with flavours. Our culinary roots inspired a concoction of the crisp wheat character, the twist of lemon rind and the subtle finish of organic Indian spices. Peppercorn and coriander blend with ginger and turmeric to deliver an arresting punch.

  • Blend of Barley malt and Wheat Malt (55:45)
  • Distinctive aroma of Citra malt…have used very less bittering malts…sharpness primarily comes from spices

Aroma: Malt/wheat mixed in with a lemony, slightly sour aroma with a hint of spices as it warms.

Body: Light bodied, good head retention with a wispy white head.

Flavor /Mouthfeel: Citrusy, no sweetness, slightly tart with a hint of bitterness/spice from the spice mix. You do get some heat from the tumeric, ginger and pepper in the back of your throat after you finish sipping. Finish is slightly dry and refreshing. The spices are subtle, not overwhelming.

Nose: On the nose, the lemony, tangy aroma is perfectly balanced with a hint of spices. On the palate, a citrusy, slightly tart flavour with just a hint of bitterness from the spices. The spices are subtle, not overwhelming due to which the finish is crisp and refreshing.