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Gagan SHARMA Magandeep SINGH

Learning Mode

Online, Self-paced

Access Valid For

90 days

Institute of Wine + Beverage Studies brings to you wine lessons at any place and any time.
This online program offers the basic introduction to main wine styles and gyaan on its various aspects. With validity of 90 days and multiple online video modules this course is exclusively made for all the wine aficionados and professionals to-be.

At this level, our educators will guide you with the help of video modules and aid you in exploiting your senses to explore the wine world.

You will be introduced to the basics of wines and primary terms used to describe it, key varietals, international wine styles, the skills of opening, serving, tasting wines, food and wine pairing, pronunciation and commenting on them, all intrinsic to the art of sommellerie.

To evaluate the progress, participants can take the quiz curated by our educators after completion of each chapter.

Best suited for future hospitality professionals, new entrants in the liquor trade, front-line professionals looking at strengthening their wine fundamentals, and wine enthusiasts who wish to go a step further than simply drinking the beverage. For enthusiasts, this level is a great way to get acquainted with wines and to never feel intimidated again when faced with a wine list, or asked to try and comment on a wine that someone has just offered you.

As a part of the course you will learn:

  • What is wines and how are they different from each other
  • Winemaking process + other factors that define their styles and quality
  • Prominent International white varieties
  • Prominent International red varieties
  • Reading labels and tell the what is not, shhhh… it’s a secret
  • How to taste a wine and develop champion tasting notes
  • How to tell a good wine from the bad ones – detect wine faults
  • International wine styles and difference between them – 20+
  • Wine Service – Protocol, opening, service, glassware, and decanting
  • Basic bottle handling skills: preparation, announcing, opening, and presentation
  • Storage techniques and deterrents
  • Wine + Food pairing – how, why, when, what
  • Pronunciation – French and Italian


Basically, we got you all covered. If you still have queries, you can always reach us at 96500 46655 or at mail@iwbs.in


Select the course ‘Learn from Home – Wines’ and click on register, fill in your information and create an account. Make the online payment with available payment options. Once the payment is made you will be registered for the program and will receive a confirmation email with access to the course content.

You’ll receive the access to study material, quizzes, and video modules once you’re enrolled upon depositing the course fee. The study material is downloadable and account is accessible for one year. You can learn and progress at your own sweet pace.

The fee is nonrefundable and non-transferrable. However, the validity of the course after the registration is three months.

The certificate can be requested once all video modules and quizzes are completed. The progress of your course completion can be checked constantly on the programme. A valid government photo ID is required by IWBS to issue the certificate. Participants can upload the document directly after completing the course. Certificate will be sent to your registered email id.

Natural progression after completing this course is to move to ‘Certificate 2 in Wines + Beverages’. Also, let us suggest that you please visit https://iwbs.in/courses/ to know more about ‘Learn from Home – Spirits’. 

If you’re a consumer, you can become a member of ‘Indulge’, our members only gastronomy society. We host masterclasses, tastings, and experiences around wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, and food, hosted by winemakers, brewers, mixologists, distillers, and their industry experts.

For professionals, you can keep up with tastings on-the-job. But to elevate your knowledge in a guided manner, join the professionals-only ‘Society of Sommeliers’. Here, all industry beverage professionals meet to share views, knowledge, experiences, and skills, to wholesomely develop the standards and knowledge of the industry.

Course Details

(INR 4000)

INR2500 (AI)

Access Validity

90 days

Course Includes

  • 13 online modules
  • 45 sections
  • 8.5+ hours of video content
  • 115 pages downloadable online study guide
  • Quizzes for each module
  • Certification fee
  • Access valid for three months
  • Direct approachability via email and calls
  • Periodic live webinars + sessions
  • Access course at https://courses.iwbs.in/

Need assistance? Talk to us at 9650046655. Or
write to us at mail@iwbs.in

Course to be accessed at https://courses.iwbs.in/