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1 hour

Institute of Wine + Beverage Studies (IWBS) brings to you the joy of guided blind tastings of some phenomenal liquids to your home.

With our respected sommeliers, you’ll get to be in the seat of a professional taster and a juror. 

Our tasting sessions will allow you to learn the art of blind tastings and analysing liquids for their quality, purity, style, and complexity… all, like a pro!!

The series will feature a set of themed tastings of 7-8 liquids carefully selected by our sommeliers, who will guide you on the nuances of tastings and help you analyse them over 40 minutes. Each themed tasting will cover specific topics in a comprehensive and useful fashion. Anyone can attend them – if you’re a curious drinker who wishes to know your drinks better, or a hospitality professional looking at learning beyond what books teach you


The spice-box of the world, India, is going through a Gin Revolution, churning some head-turning spirits. Our sommeliers will send you carefully selected Indian gins, which you will taste and learn about. Pick your favourites of the lot, see how best to enjoy them, discover the variety of local gins, and be amazed by their International repute and quality. 

What’s the right way to taste them? The garnishes that could work? The right notes to describe your favourite gins? Is Tonic Water even important? What’s the right proportion to add? All these questions will be answered.


Yup, we are the undisputed champions of the brown spirit, we are Indians. But, do we really understand our whiskies? Our sommeliers surely do, and they know how to turn you in to a whisky connoisseur. 

We taste 7-8 different whiskies from single malts to blends, grainy to smokey, pot still distilled to patent still, Indian to Scotch to Canadian to Irish to Japanese, to American, all covered. 

Learn the right nomenclature to define your whiskies, the right way to nose and taste them, what to look for to define their quality and personality, and how to differentiate them. On the rocks or neat? Ice or water, or soda? Chill the whisky or the glass? What about highballs and cocktails? Learn it all and show off at your next gathering



It’s simple. Fill in your information and make the online payment with available payment options. Once the fee is received you will be registered for the session and will receive a confirmation email with access to the meeting link.

Once you’re enrolled, a confirmation mail will be shared with the meeting link or with further instructions closer to the tasting dates.

The fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Yes, they will be provided closer to the date of the session

Sessions Details


INR2500 (AI)


INR2500 (AI)

Both Tastings

INR4800 (AI)

Delivery charges extra

Tastings Includes


#IndianGinTrail – 28th January
Registration closes – 21st January

#WorldWhiskyTrail – 29th January
Registration closes – 22nd January

  • Tasting of discerning beverages of choice – upto 7 samples
  • Tasting sheets and scorecards
  • Tasting kits with safely secured samples
  • Online guided tastings with our sommeliers
  • Interactive Q&A session after every session
  • Timings between 6PM-7PM
  • Further questions answered via emails
Select your tasting session while making the deposit.

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